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Kendrick by Jennifer Brozek
Karen Wilson is normal young woman with an important and stressful job. She is a 911 operator for the city of Kendrick. She chose this career because, as the daughter of a 911 operator, she knows how important it is. Kendrick is lucky to have her. It is a family affair and Kendrick is her home for keeps. However, Kendrick is also a city that is alive in more ways than one. Within its borders, beneath the pleasant fa?e of a normal Pacific Northwest city, lives a hidden world composed of secret societies, the supernatural, the lost and the unexplainable. It is the world that Karen is about to be thrust into, like it or not.

Luminations by Rick Silva
Chester Hall was just another unemployed techie geek, scrounging for whatever work he could find in the little New Hampshire town where he?d grown up. Six months of job-hunting right out of college had gotten him nowhere. Hired on to help out with tech support for an ex-cop who chased down bail jumpers and spied on cheating spouses, Chess Hall found himself taking the cases that his boss turned down. The ones who were a little bit? off. The obsessive, the delusional, the paranoid. And the ones who just seemed that way because no one took the time to really listen. Chess has his own practice now, and he?s established something of a reputation. He?s making a living shedding light on the little shadows that touch the lives around him, but he?s beginning to find that if you stare into the shadows often enough, they start to stare back.

Santa Maria by James M. Sullivan
Santa Maria is a large city on the coast of Northern California with perhaps more secrets than anyone would expect from such a young city. It is much more than knowing the best coffee can be found at University Square or that the plain brown building just south of Mission Maria de Guadalupe Park is where you can find perhaps the best Chinese food on the West Coast. It is even much more than knowing whatever you happen to be looking for often shows up at Nostrum's Books, Antiques, & Curios. Bree Montgomery and Rodrigo Valencia are both beginning to learn these secrets and discovering they have some themselves and that their fate is tied up with the fate of Santa Maria and they are a bigger part of Santa Maria's history and mystery than they could ever have imagined.

Vorare by Ivan Ewert
Vorare is a world of horrific appetites, not far removed from our own modern day. Men and women go about their days only half-aware of an empty dissatisfaction with their lives and their world, a gnawing sense that there must be more - a void which empty consumption merely quiets, never truly satisfying that nameless need which soils at the base of their souls.

Hidden City by Ryan Macklin
A city is defined not by its buildings, by its history, or even by its citizens, but by the connections between all those elements. Buildings are connected by roads, people are connected by relationships, buildings and people are connected by history. It's these ties that bring a city together during times of crisis, tear it apart in decadence and corruption, or simply cause it to wither and die. Those who understand this see the hidden holy shrines; the places where connections new and old weave through the city. They know that moored steamboats and disused railroad tracks are just as important as freeway interchanges and telephone switches. These people can see the true city, feels its pulse, hear its desires, and bask in its full glory.

Danyael by Nick Bergeron
Our world moves around us, ordinary and complacent.  Only when change hits us suddenly do we push ourselves onto it, changing the world in turn as it has changed us.  We act through agents - religion, ethics, morals, traditions, habits ... directing each of these to accomplish the ends our inner selves need and desire.  We shield our psyches from the raw universe via these agents, existing always as innocents within the protection of our defenses.  As with the Almighty, our agents act as angels, enacting our will upon the world
around us.

Solstice by Ivan Ewert
In the days of the first Voyageurs, some lucky few found themselves enchanted by a unique place along the Fox Valley. The great ash tree which stood along the riverbank served as their gathering place, and it was here that they both made their fortunes and perpetuated their wars against the native peoples. Around that ash grew a community, around that community grew a town. It was a place unto itself, set apart from its neighbors by chance, by choice, and by something more. Not all who live within its boundaries are aware of how they differ from the mass of mankind, of how far from human they truly are.

Guest Quarters Archives
The phrase "guest quarters" brings to mind the cordial hospitality of gentler times when family and friends would visit not just for a weekend but for weeks on end. Such visits were well
prepared for and looked to with great anticipation. Guests were given their own dwelling space within the home. It allowed them both closeness to the host family and the privacy that guests and hosts needed to maintain that cordiality. Unless, of course, there are hidden peepholes or things lurking within secret passageways.

Photo Credits Archives
Always windows to the soul, see the images that our photographers have taken to enhance the story written.

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