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Guest Quarters of the Edge of PropinquityThe phrase "guest quarters" brings to mind the cordial hospitality of gentler times when family and friends would visit not just for a weekend but for weeks on end. Such visits were well prepared for and looked to with great anticipation. Guests were given their own dwelling space within the home. It allowed them both closeness to the host family and the privacy that guests and hosts needed to maintain that cordiality.

Unless, of course, there are hidden peepholes or things lurking within secret passageways. 

One can never tell what trouble curious guests will find themselves in if they look too close and see too much. Prying eyes and hands have led more than one person down a not-so-primrose path much to their dismay. Also, the unwary host may invite more than he bargains for when he ushers in someone from the cold. Long lost family or strangers in unfortunate circumstances are occasionally revealed as wolves in sheep's clothing with gleaming eyes trained on the hand that had just fed them. Travelers get lost, people go missing and homes become unnaturally empty.

But, of course, such a thing would never happen here.

On the cardinal months of the year, guests drop by for a brief visit to delight, intrigue and terrify. Then, they are gone. Just as it should be. No one wants a guest to overstay their welcome. Even such honored guests as these.

2006 Guest Authors (List Only)
March - The End of Memory by Amanda A. Gannon
March - Rain by Montgomery Mullen
June - Little Wards by Cherie Priest
June - Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leicht
September - Late Night at the Office by E.C. Myers
September - Spontaneous Romance Encounter by Justine Musk
December - Princess Christmas by James M. Ward
December - First Night in Jennings Grove by Jeff Parish

2007 Guest Authors (List Only)
January - The Monster Inside by JG Faherty
February - Indelible Ink by Jess Kaan
March - The Man in the Globe by Jeffrey Scott Sims
April - I Don't Fight Monsters by Alexandra Erin
May - Live From the Serpent Room by Tyler Hayes
June - Wolf Den by Scott Almes
July - The Enthusiast by Holly Dyess
August - Marked by Tracie McBride
September - Shadow by Brendan Detzner
October - Reflections by Matthew Marovich
November - What You Need by Jason Andrew
December - Seasonal Work by Peter Friend

2008 Guest Authors (List Only)
January - Cats and Dogs and Maybe a Pig by Kevin Shamel
February - The Valley by Alana Joli Abbot
March - The Protest of Emmanuel Jenkins by Jason Muller
April - Squirm by Doug Goodman
May - Hotter Than Hell by Mischa Sagan
June - Rug of War by T.J. Mino
July - Birth of a Hunter by Dylan Birtolo
August - Lonely Cries the Winter Wind by Patrice Sarath
September - Jasper and the Imp by Daniel Johnson
October - Boy Troop by Noah Copley
November ? Let's Pretend by Seanan McGuire
December - The Taxman Cometh by Eric R. Lowther

2009 Guest Authors (List Only)
January - Ledger Entries by Glenn Lewis Gillette
February - The Mask of Deslow Mansion by Gabriel Beyers
March - Ducks by Brendan Detzner
April - The Sound of Gears by Ferrett Steinmetz
May - Choking on Red Flowers by Mari Ness
June - Choice by Alma Alexander
July - All the Little Secrets by Barry Napier
August - Carrying the Torch by David E. Hughes
September - My Rough Cut by Christopher Green
October - Inspirations by Seanan McGuire
November - The House of Bad Blood by Robert Mitchell Evans
December - The Letter by Michael Jarrette-Kenny

2010 Guest Authors (List Only)
January - Subway Hunter by Justin Bernstein
February - The Fairy Cake Bake Shoppe by April Grey
March - Self-Possessed by Erica Hildabrand
April - Purgatory by Alma Alexander -
May - Little Sparrow Girl by Jennifer Rachel Baumer
June - Agatha by Ken Staley
July - Skullduggery at the Junction by Jason S. Ridler
August - The Last Call by R. A. Keenan
September - Sir Joseph Bazalgette's Spirit Bowl by T. D. Edge
October - Black Dragon by Patty Jansen
Wily Writer Guest Author - Love's Enduring Embrace by Jonathan McKinney
November - The Gad Dam Ghost by Harvey Roberts
December - Avenging Earth by David W. Landrum

2011 Guest Authors (List Only)
January - Woman, Monster, Mother - By Steven Saus
February - The Weight of Worlds - By Alma Alexander
March - Underside Walk - By Hilary Koepenick
April - Hatzuli - By Lillian Cohen-Moore
May - Wild Plums - By Mars Hage
June - Seren Draig - By T. D. Edge
July - Jim Towne Hollow and the Skinwitch - By Jennifer Adam
August - Temple of Ill-Repute - By Elizabeth Aronoff
September - The Saint of Clowns - By Nathan Crowder
October - Ecology - By Brandon Nolta
October - Uncle Sam - By Seanan McGuire
November - You Know What Hunts You - By Jay Lake
December - The Final Seal: Dante Collins Versus the End of the World - By Erik Scott de Bie

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