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Jennifer Brozek

This series has been sold to Apocalypse Ink Production. The first three novels will cover Revelations, Consequences, and Retribution. The fourth novel will be brand new content covering the Compromises year that was not written at the time and will end the series appropriately.

2006 - Revelations

Karen Wilson is normal young woman with an important and stressful job. She is a 911 operator for the city of Kendrick; a port city located at the bottom of Discovery Bay in-between the more well known cities of Port Angeles and Port Townsend. She chose this career because, as the daughter of a 911 operator, she knows how important it is. Kendrick is lucky to have her. It is a family affair and Kendrick is her home for keeps.

However, Kendrick is also a city that is alive in more ways than one. Within its borders, beneath the pleasant fa?e of a normal Pacific Northwest city, lives a hidden world composed of secret societies, the supernatural, the lost and the unexplainable. It is the world that Karen is about to be thrust into, like it or not.

It begins with a mysterious phone call on her personal cell phone from "Caller ID: Unknown."  An older man begs Karen to help a friend of his before she walks into a lethal trap. Against her better judgment, she decides to find this friend to deliver the cryptic warning but she is too late and a young woman is left hospitalized, possibly paralyzed for life. Now, Karen is aware that something unusual is brewing in her city. She is determined to figure out what it is, and stop it if necessary, whatever the cost.

01 - Caller ID: Unknown
02 - Eye of the Engraving 

2007 - Consequences

Karen Wilson is normal young woman with an important and stressful job. She is a 911 operator for the city of Kendrick; a port city located at the bottom of Discovery Bay in-between the more well known cities of Port Angeles and Port Townsend. She is also the main representative for "The Master of the City," a man named Reginald who controls the supernatual society of Kendrick. However, Reginald is not what he seems and Karen, though very few else, know it. Reginald is Kendrick. Kendrick is a living city and he, like most newly awakened beings, is still finding his place in this world.

Recently, Karen and Reginald went through a traumatic event that almost left Karen dead and Reginald a slave to the Order of the Sacred Eye. During the ritual designed to do this many people died and Karen was saved at the cost of her guardian gargoyle, Sebastian, and a hasty promise to a young member of the Order of the Sacred Eye.

The rippling effects of the attempted ritual and the war between the supernatural factions will have lasting effects for years to come. The consequences of every action are coming home for their due. When one darkness falls, another rises to take its place. Sometimes, this darkness is worse than the first.

2008 - Retribution

A year ago, Karen Wilson discovered that once you deal with the devil you know, the devil you don't know can be so much worse. After the Order of the Sacred Eye was defeated and placed in the hands of people who honestly wanted to do good for Kendrick, a new enemy rose. Unchecked, the Children of Anu followed the path laid out by their God to bring about the prophesized year of his return. This required sacrifices from both Kendrick and the Children.

Unable to stop the blasphemous ritual that stole far more than anyone could know, Karen, Reginald and their allies are now faced with a supremely powerful enemy who is targeting all of the supernatural groups in Kendrick, one by one. As each falls, the Avatar of Anu grows stronger and Karen is left to defend her city with fewer and fewer allies. Not to mention a secondary enemy in the Kendrick's own Police Force, known as the Special Unit, and lead by a man who wants to wipe out all supernaturals in Kendrick regardless of their intent to the City.

However, Karen and her allies are not without their own plans and powers. The Children of Anu must be stopped and they must pay for what they have done to the city of Kendrick and those who dwell within. Karen has an ally within the Special Unit and she is believes she can turn the City's enemies on each other. With this, and her owed retribution to hand out for the offenses against the Kendrick, this is a promise that Karen is determined to keep no matter the cost.

Photo by Rory Clark, copyright 2005, Stopped Motion Photography

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