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Vorare Archives
Ivan Ewert

This serial story has been bought by Apocalypse Ink Productions and has been novelized into the book FAMISHED: THE FARM. It is available for purchase.

2006 - Revelations

Malesuada fames. -- Virgil, the Aeniad.

Vorare is a world of horrific appetites, not far removed from our own modern day. Men and women go about their days only half-aware of an empty dissatisfaction with their lives and their world, a gnawing sense that there must be more - a void which empty consumption merely quiets, never truly satisfying that nameless need which soils at the base of their souls.

Yet some few are aware. They have stepped beyond the pale to see the truth of both their hunger and its inevitable fulfillment: Power. Satiety. Completion. Godhead. These are the gentleman ghouls of Vorare, the feeders upon flesh. Our stories follow one man and his lineage into the path of utter damnation and horrible redemption - the quest to destroy the gentleman ghouls. His life will change, and his sacrifice will change Vorare ... the world beneath our own.

Hunger is wider than the world and more powerful than heaven. What would man not do in service to its terrifying glory?

01 - Holy Night
02 - Holy Ghosts
03 - The Feast of Stephen

Photo by Ivan Ewert, copyright 2006

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     01 - Holy Night
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