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Sparrow Hill Road 2010
Seanan McGuire

This series was sold by Seanan McGuire to DAW books for a summer 2014 release. It will be re-edited and include new Rose Marshall stories. Read more about it on Seanan's website here.

Let me tell you about Rose Marshall...

Where do urban legends really come from?  Everyone knows the one about the girl who asks for a ride home; the one who turns out to have been dead all along.  But where did she come from?  Who was she?  And how did she die?

Meet Rose, the girl who crashed and burned on Sparrow Hill Road in 1945.  She was sixteen years old, pretty as a picture, and in the wrong place at the wrong time.  A midnight drive turned into a fight for her life—a fight that she lost.  Her story could have ended that night, but a well-timed ride set her on another path.She's been running down the ghostroads ever since.  A lot of people have said a lot of things about her; she's been called everything from angel to devil, from ghost story to myth to something more.  They whisper her name everywhere from Michigan to Maine, from Wyoming to Washington...but no one knows what really happened that long-ago night at the top of Sparrow Hill.

Not until now.

Welcome to the midnight America, the one that exists parallel to the "real" world.  It's a dark country, one where men with hooks haunt Lover's Lane and scarecrows walk on moonlit nights.  It's the place where people go when they slip into the cracks between light and darkness, a world of routewitches and oracles, demons and ambulomancers.  It's the place where a man named Bobby Cross sold his soul to live forever...and where one pretty little dead girl is racing to save her soul and stop the killings that began on Sparrow Hill Road.  The rules are different here, and everyone's playing for keeps.  Be careful.  Be cautious.  And listen to the urban legends, because they may be the only things that can save you from the man who waits at the crossroads, hunting souls to keep himself alive.

Welcome to the ghostside.

01 - Good Girls Go to Heaven

Image by Rory Clark, Stopped Motion Photography, Copyright 2010

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