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Flotsam 2011
Peter M. Ball

The Gold Coast sits on the East Coast of Australia, a tourist city without a heart. You've probably seen the highlights on postcards: the beaches, the theme parks, the nightclubs, all the people flocking in year after year to enjoy their holidays and get some R&R. It's always been a place where people come to lose themselves, a place to cut loose and have some fun.
Itís easy to lose yourself on the Gold Coast. Itís even easier to be found by things that hide there, in the shifting shadows behind the palm trees and the neon. There are demons hiding out there, and worse entities besides. Dark things allowed to flourish in the shifting tides of a city where most people don't stay much longer than a holiday and the locals move on with surprising regularity.

Ten years ago Keith Murphy left the Gold Coast for good, hitching his way out of town in an effort to escape the nightmares he saw lurking in the shadows.

Ten days ago Keith Murphy botched a hit he shouldn't have, setting loose a death curse that'll take vengeance on more than him.

Fortunately Keith's boss knows a good place to disappear while things are sorted out.

All Keith needs to do is go home and keep quiet.

01 - Paradise City - Keith Murphy didn't want to go home again, but when things went bad on a routine job his boss didn't give him any other choice and Keith's always been good at obeying orders. When he meets an old friend of Danny Roark's in the Gloom, Keith's finally forced to ask himself if that's really a good thing.

02 - Warnings - Keith Murphy needs information about his boss and the seer Bruce Mim is his best bet for getting it. Unfortunately Mim is one of the Other, native to the Gloom, and a deal must be struck before Keith learns what he needs to know.

Image by Sally Ball, Copyright 2011


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